My top 3 inspired Architecture Projects in 2012

Here are 3 Architecture projects that inspire me in 2012. You can see other projects on my Pinterest.
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Paul Cocksedge


Commissioned for the 100% Design Show during the London Design Festival 2012, Paul Cocksedge’s ‘Auditorium’ moves away from conventional methods of creating a confined space: blocks, solid planes, edges. Instead, a virtually invisible material is brought on-site to be delicately woven by hand into a system as complex and transparent as a spider’s web. The process only ends when the space has been properly defined within what has now become a partition, but not a wall.

Open, but confined; translucent and yet solid, the ‘Auditorium’ network plays with our notions of exterior and interior space, where they begin and where they end.




GINAN House, 2012
Keitaro Muto


Site area :461m2
Total floor area :148m2
Structural system :Wood Structure




House On The Cliff – Calpe, Spain, 2012
Fran Silvestre


Overlooking the mediterranean sea, the ‘house on the cliff’ is positioned upon an abrupt plot of land in Calpe, Alicante, Spain. designed by Valencia-based Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, the living spaces of the residence are spread over four floors to minimize adjustments to the topography. Respecting the natural contours, the structure is anchored by stone. The white lime stucco recalls the traditional architecture of the area. Continuing onto all planes including walls and paved surfaces, the dwelling becomes unified amidst a backdrop of  rocky mountains.

Set upon a platform on the lowest level, a swimming pool terrace opens to the dramatic ocean view. leading up from the pool deck, an outdoor stair is attached to the monolithic concrete exterior allowing inhabitants to change levels while gazing towards the scenery. Before passing through a portal within the exterior wall, a landing allows for a moment of pause with a view. turning around the corner,they continue their climb within a sheltered area beneath to highest storey of the home. the living room, dining, kitchen and bedrooms are situated at the top level. panoramic vistas are offered from a veranda which runs the length of the upper floor plate. outside, the passageway leadingto the main entrance is carved within a space between the home and cliff enabling the craggy landscape to double as a backdrop to the kitchen.



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