#GoodToKnow : November 2013

Here are some creative projects that inspire me in September 2013. You can see other projects on my Pinterest or on my #GoodToKnow.

Kristian Schuller - Einat Kirschner - Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos

+++ ART

2D/3D, 2013
Yizi Zheng

The function of 3D object is that it can be read from many views. When applying 2D image on it, it limits the view into one single point to reach the 2D image correctly. In this case the function and element of 3D is being despoiled. However it is this 3D object, which is not functioning as a 3D object when being limited, carry out and create the 2D image. 
The outcome consist of five 3D posters, starting from a blank one, which is more being focus as a 3D object. In the following four, the image of colored shape grows from the center to full page, from 2D to 3D.


Ardmore Residence – Singapore, 2013
Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos


Dutch architect Ben Van Berkel of UNStudio has led the design of the recently completed ardmore residence in singapore. The 36 storey tower aims to break out of the monotony of the replicated skyscrapers that dominate the skylines of 21st century asian cities, joining the new generation of vertical architecture with tailored silhouettes, integral plantations, and luxurious amenities for residents that combine to form a living landscape.
The dwelling is well located in the vicinity of the high-end shopping district, orchard road. Its orientation lends to panoramic views of both the downtown urban fabric and green landscape beyond. The connection between the construction and nature is firmly established by the layered composition within the garden city. At ground level, tall spaces are left open by elevated apartments, freeing the earth for gardens and passageways. Rising above, articulation in the façade creates a vertical topography composed of organic apertures. via designboom.com


CeraMetal, 2013
Einat Kirschner


Designer Einat Kirschner’s experimentation with techniques to combine metal powders and ceramics found similarities in their processing methods and heating temperatures which allowed for the creation of fascinating, otherworldly forms without the use of adhesives! The material combination, dubbed CeraMetal, might appear delicate, but its incredibly strong, making it ideal for a variety of applications. Iron powder and copper powder versions give each design a one-of-a-kind aesthetic with varied hues and organic shapes. Via yankodesign.com


The Heart of Giving – Neiman Marcus Winter 2013
Photographer : Kristian Schuller
Stylist : na
Makeup : na
Hair : Felix Fischer
Model : Catherine McNeilJac Jagaciak


Top models Monika Jac Jagaciak & Catherine McNeil star in Neiman Marcus’s the heart of giving holiday book 2013 masterfully captured by Kristian Schuller. via designscene.net


Somewhere, 2013
Nicolas Ménard

Direction and Animation: Nicolas Ménard (nicolasmenard.com)
Music and Sound Design: Rich Vreeland (disasterpeace.com)
Additional Animation: Anne-Louise Erambert, Louise Druelle, Oliver Hamilton, James Hatley
“There’s two things in my practice that I find utterly satisfying,” professed French-Canadian designer, illustrator and animator, Nicolas Ménard, “the feel and smell of ink on paper and the miracle of drawings moving.” Ménard’s acuity for both shines through in his recent animation, Somewhere. The short tells the story of an astronaut journeying to another world, while leaving a part of himself — literally, his left arm — back home.via thecreatorsproject.vice.com


GesaffelsteinHate or Glory, 2013
Fleur & Manu


Rolling Stone Magazine: Editrice Quadratum: Rocker vs Dj
Client: Rolling Stone Magazine
Agency: DLV BBDO Milan
Production: Filmmaster Production Company
Country: Italy

Director: Federico Brugia
Creative Director: Stefania SianiFederico Pepe
Art Director: Valerio Mangiafico
Copywriter: Matteo Maggiore

Rolling Stone Magazine and DLV BBDO, Milan has released this creative TV spot trying to bring real music back to life. via bestadsontv.com

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