Top 5 Ads in 2013 feat. @Honda, @PlayStation, @ChipotleTweets, @RollingStone… #GoodToKnow

Here are 5 Ads that inspire me in 2013. You can see other projects on my Pinterest or on my #Advertising

Robinsons - Chipotle - Rolling Stone Magazine

Director: Alan Smith, Adam Foulkes
Creative Director: Tony DavidsonKim Papworth
Art Director: Aaron McGurk
Copywriter: Chris Lapham

Client: Honda
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London
Production: Nexus Productions London
Country: United Kingdom
Honda’s global success has been attributed to its inquisitive and innovative spirit, which has seen them pioneer everything from their cars and bikes to the HondaJet, marine engines, ATVs, Lawnmowers, humanoid robot (ASIMO) & solar panel concept car.
In the film we see an engineer’s inquisitive hands intricately play around and transition between Honda products and in the process show viewers the story of Honda’s greatest achievements. via

SonyThe Last of Us
Creative Director: Al MoseleyMartin TerhartGraeme Hall
Art Director: Stephane Lecoq
Copywriter: Martin Beswick

Within the ad, an ordinary man in his own home is immersed and transformed into the character of Joel from The Last of Us. He is then confronted with the extraordinary decisions Joel faces, in order to capture how immersed you become when playing the game. via

Robinsons: Pals
Director: Si & Ad
Creative Director: Justin Moore, Hamish Pinnell

The emotive 60 second film celebrates the simple brilliance of energetic family play. It captures the relationship between two boys and follows them as they enjoy kicking a football around the park, throwing stones into a river and having ‘sword’ fights with twigs. via

Chipotle: The Scarecrow
Agency: CAA Marketing, New York

Client: Chipotle
Country: United States of America
Production: Moonbot Studios 
The Scarecrow’ is the companion film for Chipotle’s new app-based game. The game puts you against the evil scarecrows of the fictitious unethical food company, Crow Foods. The shortfilm features Fiona Apple’s cover of ‘Pure Imagination. via

Rolling Stone Magazine: Editrice Quadratum: Rocker vs Dj
Director: Federico Brugia
Creative Director: Stefania SianiFederico Pepe
Art Director: Valerio Mangiafico
Copywriter: Matteo Maggiore

Client: Rolling Stone Magazine
Agency: DLV BBDO Milan
Production: Filmmaster Production Company
Country: Italy
Rolling Stone Magazine and DLV BBDO, Milan has released this creative TV spot trying to bring real music back to life. via

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