Top 5 Design Projects in 2013 feat. @KazuYamanaka, @TongTongTweets #GoodToKnow

Here are 5 Design Projects that inspire me in 2013. You can see other projects on my Pinterest or on my #GoodToKnow
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Einat Kirschner - Kazuhiro Yamanaka - Junpei Tamaki

CeraMetal, 2013
Einat Kirschner





Designer Einat Kirschner’s experimentation with techniques to combine metal powders and ceramics found similarities in their processing methods and heating temperatures which allowed for the creation of fascinating, otherworldly forms without the use of adhesives! The material combination, dubbed CeraMetal, might appear delicate, but its incredibly strong, making it ideal for a variety of applications. Iron powder and copper powder versions give each design a one-of-a-kind aesthetic with varied hues and organic shapes. Via

Wrapping Chair, 2013
Keisuke Fujiwara





Exploring the flexibility of styrofoam mesh, japanese designer Keisuke Fujiwara has delicately molded it to form a bulbous-looking chair. The idea came from markets in japan where fruits are carefully wrapped in the material. The mesh offers many possibilities due to its flexibility and ability to bend into any shape, It is also used as an effective cushioning device. Striving to create an object that was comfortable for someone to sit on, Fujiwara has created two variations based on this concept of molding: one with an opening stretching through the foot of the chair to the back and the other from the seat to the floor. via

2450 Acrylic Chair Collection, 2013
Junpei Tamaki





Presented at Salone Satelite during Milan Design Week 2013, japanese designer Junpei Tamaki has created ’2450′, a collection of chairs that only uses 5mm acrylic sticks for its construction. Although fragile on an individual basis, the form becomes reinforced when built like an architecture structure. Implementing the theme of ‘The Power Of Weakness’, the seating utilizes 2450 meticulously arranged components, measuring just over a kilometer in length when laid end to end. via

Paper LED Torch Light, 2013
Kazuhiro Yamanaka




Made exclusively using a cut-out piece of paper and a battery operated LED, the minimal torch light by japanese designer kazuhiro yamanaka rolls up to create an ample illumination source. When a user gyrates the sheet into a cylindrical form, the slit contained within the parchment extrudes inwards, automatically powering the LED attachment via two thin hidden switches. as soon as the volume becomes flat again, the light shuts off. via

Les Ailes Noires Clothing Racks, 2013 
John Tong





Designers +tongtong have created a selection of clothing racks for retailer Les Ailes Noires, located in Toronto. via

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