Top 5 Motion Projects in 2013 feat. @MartinRosete, @ParamotionFilms, @boombros, @HesHereAllWeek, @NicolasMenard #GoodToKnow

Here are 5 Motion Projects that inspire me in 2013. You can see other projects on my Pinterest or on my #GoodToKnow
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Alfonso Fulgencio, Jose Luis Farias - Matt Burniston - Martin Rosete

Voice Over, 2013
Martin Rosete

Starring Jonathan D. Mellor, Feodor Atkine
Directed by Martin Rosete
Produced by Koldo Zuazua
Sebastian Alvarez
Manuel Calvo
The Rosete Brothers
Cinematography by Jose Martin Rosete

A Story About Robots, 2013
Alfonso FulgencioJose Luis Farias

The backgrounds were photographed with Canon 50D.
All the camera movements and travellings were made in stop motion.
The robot was elaborated with 3D Studio Max and the integration with After Effects.

Yoann Durand, Yannick Sroussi, Julien Lenoury

Planet Earth is invaded by the evil organisation known as “The Triangle Gang”, who wants to establish terror and rule our planet.
Driving to their first target of destruction, the Triangle Gang doesn’t know that they will have to reckon with Metaman Gatsu, the last cosmo-fighter and defender of humanity.
Additional modeling by MICHAEL MOREIRA
Sound design by CIADENA

The Mega Plush, 2013
Matt Burniston

Set in the shadows of a gritty underworld, a war is brewing. The Mega Plush, a group of four plush toy vigilantes, are struggling against the uprising of the SOC (Society of Chimps) army. Good vs evil. Bear vs sock monkey. The question is “who has the stuffing to survive?” 
Music & SFX by

Somewhere, 2013
Nicolas Ménard

Direction and Animation: Nicolas Ménard (
Music and Sound Design: Rich Vreeland (
Additional Animation: Anne-Louise Erambert, Louise Druelle, Oliver Hamilton, James Hatley
“There’s two things in my practice that I find utterly satisfying,” professed French-Canadian designer, illustrator and animator, Nicolas Ménard, “the feel and smell of ink on paper and the miracle of drawings moving.” Ménard’s acuity for both shines through in his recent animation, Somewhere. The short tells the story of an astronaut journeying to another world, while leaving a part of himself — literally, his left arm — back home.via

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