#FashionFilm @__MickeyMouse_ / @OpeningCeremony by @WEAREPENSACOLA

Here is the #FashionFilm that inspire me this month. You can see other portfolio on my Pinterest or on my #FashionFilm.

Mickey Mouse / Opening Ceremony

#FashionFilm Mickey Mouse - Opening Ceremony by Pensacola

Mickey Mouse‘s debut was as a mischievous deckhand in the 1928 animated film, Steamboat Willie. Now, the Disney character is a prominent part of childhoods the world over, and reliving with this new Mickey Mouse / Opening Ceremony collection! This whimsical video (soundtracked by Soda Shop and produced by Pensacola) of shirts, socks, hats, and more featuring Mickey’s “Steamboat Willie” character. 


Director : Pensacola
Screenplay : na
Photographie Director : Rob Leitzell
Art Director : Su Barber
Music : “Farewell” by Soda Shop
Stylist : Lissy Trullie
Makeup : Faye Lauren
Hair : Emily Schubert
Model : na

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