#GoodToKnow: June 2014 ft. @Shxpir @Vmagazine @hm @JonasFrancois @Artplan

Here are some creative projects that inspire me in June 2014. You can see other projects on my Pinterest or on my #GoodToKnow.

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+++ ART

Ecce Homo, 2014
Evelyn Bencicova

Ecce Homo, 2014 Evelyn Bencicova

Photographer Evelyn Bencicova and Adam Csoka Keller have made a conceptual series of photos staging naked bodies of women and men. The bodies fit perfectly with each other in an elegant and harmonious way by creating a movement and massive shapes full of sensuality. via fubiz.net


White House – La Rochelle, France, 2014
Pierre Antoine Compain

White House - La Rochelle, France, 2014 Pierre Antoine Compain

As part of the renovation of a residential townhouse, this project aims to create a flow diagram, both singular and practice.
For this, four levels are built around a central axis, it corresponds to a vertical greenhouse full height.
Corridors around the heart, the image of devices balconies, and views on all areas.
By this bias architecture, the deregulation of space allows its occupants to enjoy open on 4 levels circulation, and get a panoramic view, on both a horizontal and vertical axis. via contemporist.com


Tull Lamp, 2014 
Tommaso Caldera

Tull Lamp, 2014 Tommaso Caldera

Created for italian-based company Incipit, ‘Tull’ by Tommaso Caldera is a reinterpretation of classical workshop suspension lamps, in which the light source is protected by a wire netting attached to a metal diffuser. In homage to its predecessor, spun aluminum forms the shade for the diffuser and curved steel wires bend for the protective cage. The innovation of the lighting system appears through its shape, language, and proportions, which allow the object to be transferred from rugged and industrial warehouses to calm and domestic living spaces. the result is a design characterized by a smooth shell enclosed by continuously curving loops that house a single bulb. via designboom.com


Femme Fatale – Harper’s Bazaar China June 2014
Photographer : Shxpir
Stylist : Leticia Dare
Hair : Alan White
Makeup : Nicole Thompson
Model : Niki Hajdu


Turning up the heat for the pages of Harper’s Bazaar China’s June issue, Niki Hajdu plays the role of well-dressed gold digger in this fashion spread photographed by Shxpir. The sultry blonde models looks from the likes of Givenchy, Saint Laurent and Lanvin styled by Leticia Dare in these sizzling images. Whether seducing the pool boy or her husband, Niki keeps it glamorous. / Makeup by Nicole Thompson, Hair by Alan White. via fashiongonerogue.com


MadonnaKaty Perry by Steven Klein for V Magazine 2014



Sayit – H&M Life, 2014
Director : Sandberg & TimonenKacper Kasprzyk
Art Director : Marika Akerblom
Music : Sayit – Röyksopp & Robyn’s joint Do It Again album
Stylist : Ellen Af Geijerstam
Makeup : Ignacio Alonso
Hair : Darren Phillips
Model : RöyksoppRobyn

Röyksopp & Robyn’s first collaboration was a bittersweet song about how difficult it is to date a machine. The Girl and the Robot became the big hit from Röyksopp’s 2009 album Junior. One year later they worked together on the minimalistic club bangerNone of Dem on Robyn’s album Body Talk Pt. 1. Now the techno wunderkinds from Tromsø have joined forces with the pop icon from Stockholm once more. The mini album Do it Again is full of goosebump-inducing hooks and mind expanding synthetic sounds.
The Swedo-Norwegian super group also share an interest in fashion. The outfits worn by Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland (top hats, feather masks, furry monster heads with fluorescent eyes) have been as quirky as their songs. And Robyn’s bomber jackets, neon sparkling hoodies and platform sneakers have helped shape the street fashion of the 2010’s.
The Sayit video is directed by the Swedish design team Sandberg & Timonen and makes its exclusive premiere on H&M Life. It’s set in a cold industrial environment amongst car wrecks, barbed wire and angry dogs. Röyksopp’s faces are covered by hoods. Robyn wears a spooky dress.


Cupidiculous, 2014
Panop Koonwat

Music : Henry Homesweet
Sound design : Narin Kongkatavaethita
Cupidiculous(2014) is a motion graphic project fusing 2D cel-animation and 3D techniques together. It conveys a humor story about Cupid, who makes Adam and Eve fall in love. But this act of love leads to overpopulation, overconsumption and global warming. So he has to find the way to fix these problems. Most characters and elements have been done in 3D but rendered as 2D flat vector look with poppy pastel, splashy and heightened color schemes. Then added more 2D liquid speed lines by drawing frame by frame. Even though laughter is the major objective, but Cupidiculous also delivers critical messages covertly. More or less audiences will get that with absolutely enjoyment.


Jack White – Lazaretto
Jonas & Francois

Directors Jonas & Francois, from Division Paris, have directed the new music video of Jack White for his song “Lazaretto”, from his new album which will be released on this upcoming June, 9th. In black and white, we see the singer behind a glass which breaks constantly, forming beautiful fragments in the composition of the image.


Domino’s Pizza: Steady Pizza
Director: Kiko Lomba, Bruno Miguel
Creative Director: Roberto VilhenaAlessandra SadockGustavo Tirre
Copywriter: Henrique Louzada, Pedro Rosas
Art Director: Augusto Correia

Client: Domino’s Pizza
Agency: Artplan, São Paulo
Production: Tycoon
Country: Brazil
Pizza’s great. Delivery pizza’s even better. But sometimes, your pie resembles something thrown together by a two-year-old with an artistic flair rather than anything edible. That’s because during the delivery process, pizzas get thrown about inside the metal container that sits atop the delivery scooter. To solve the problem, Domino’s Brazil and agency ArtPlan created “Steady Pizza.” The system uses two “hemispheres” fixed on X and Y axes, with pendulums of lead to compensate for the movement of the bike. That keeps the balance of the pizza, and saves your pie from demolition. via creativity-online.com

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