#MondayAd from France : @Tippex_bic: The Social Book by @BUZZMAN_TIME #TheSocialBookByPharrell #tippex

This year, Tipp-Ex, N°1 correction brand in Europe,Bic and Pharrell Williams go together to make history by creating the first participatory book instantly translated into 5 languages. A real technological feat imagined by Buzzman agency for aworld first!


The idea: Tipp-Ex and Buzzman asked Pharrell to write a book about the source of his inspiration. A few hours before the book launch, struck by panic due to fierce readers seeking to steal the book, the bear decided to cover the whole book with Tipp-Ex to protect its contents.
With this blunder starts a new Tipp-Ex adventure … To participate, you will have to enter the cabin of the hunter and the bear and help find the thousands of words, which have been covered in the book.
Obviously, the hunter, the bear and even Pharrell will be there at every moment with hints to help you complete the book. The more words you find, the closer your name will be in the credits alongside Pharrell Williams.
Once completed by users, the “Social Book” will be printed and published.
Profits will be donated to an organization supporting disadvantaged children as they attempt to, hopefully, rewrite their lives.

Director: Adrien Armanet
Creative Director: Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Art Director: Aurelie Femenias

Client: Tipp-Ex
Agency: Buzzman Paris
Production: WE ARE ANONYMOUS, France
Country: France

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