#FashionPortfolio @CarolineWinberg – @WolfordFashion Fall 2014 by @MarioTestino

Here is the #FashionPortfolio that inspire me this week. You can see other portfolio on my Pinterest or on my #FashionPortfolio.

Wolfords Fall 2014

Mario Testino is giving new spirit to the visual language of Wolford starting in July 2014. His images evoke the essence of an emotive, self-confident femininity that is sensual and aesthetic whilst being stylish and provocative.

FashionPortFolio-Caroline Winberg - Wolfords Fall 2014 Mario Testino









Photographer : Mario Testino
Stylist : Sarajane Hoare
Hair : Sam McKnight
Makeup : Charlotte Tilbury
Model : Caroline Winberg 

2 thoughts on “#FashionPortfolio @CarolineWinberg – @WolfordFashion Fall 2014 by @MarioTestino

  1. Des images séduisantes, sexy qui attisent la curiosité,poussent à la découverte.
    Franchi le pas et découvert ces wollants, magnifiques, doux, léger, agréables à porter tout au long de la journée. Wolford est devenu incontournable


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