#MondayAd from Korea by Daehong Communications Inc: ium: EX Market sells off gifts from your Exes

ium: EX Market

IUM is a leading brand in Social Dating Service industry in Korea. IUM has been researching love relationships and discovered an interesting fact. According to research, most of the respondents answered that they kept them for no reason, however they do not use them either. This meant people who had broken up were stuck with their past.

Ex-Market sells off Gifts from Exes. IUM planned Ex-Market where people can get rid of old memories by selling off gifts from Exes to others. Sellers wrote down prices and their stories on tags, and hung the products with red thread, a representative of past relationships.
When the shoppers appeared, sellers cut the thread and sold the products off. And then, sellers were completely able to break off relations with the past. At the end, they had a special ceremony. People burnt the letters and pictures that still remained. The tags were used as tickets for the exclusive club party.

Ex-Market offered a new cultural trend to the broken up lovers. People who broke up were able to completely break off relationship with the past. And they had second chances to start new relationships. Ex-Market became a big issue on online media. Of course, IUM’s users increased dramatically.

Director: Simon Lee, Yoonsoo Jo
Creative Director: Sunmi Park
Art Director: Gunwoong Choi, Wongi Ryu, Jihyun Im
Copywriter: Ahram Shin, Kyungeun Jung, Soyeon Lee

Client: IUM
Agency: DAEHONG Communications Inc
Country: Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

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