#FashionFilm @wearewildfang Presents: @EvanRachelWood in Evan Rachel Would by @JamesWestby

Wildfang Presents: Evan Rachel Would

Experience a memorable day-in-the-life of actress Evan Rachel Wood as she bounces around Portland taking on the crazy, unexpected, and sometimes ridiculous adventures life presents. From a book signing with Kim Gordon, mascot training with Robin Lopez, to a karaoke sing-off with Beth Ditto—the right answer to any question is always “Evan Rachel would.”


Director : James Westby
Screenplay : James Westby, Emily Jensen, Annie Vieira, Emma McIlroy
Photographie Director : Kevin Fletcher
Art Director : Jenelle Giordano, Taralyn Thuot
Music : Jason Wells4 Non Blondes, Debussy, Saint-Saens, Carter Family
Stylist : Taralyn Thuot, Tashina Hill
Makeup : Toby Fleischman
Hair : Nicola Corl
Model : Evan Rachel Wood, Kim Gordon, Robin Lopez, Beth Ditto, Darius Pierce, Roz Roseman, Janet Day, Patty Price-Yates, Sarasvati Kukreti, Parker Hall


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