#FashionFilm Anna Ewers stars in ‘Ouch! That’s Big’

Anna Ewers @AnnaEwers stars in ‘Ouch! That’s Big’ – British Vogue @BritishVogue 2015

Vogue cover girl Anna Ewers stars in “Ouch! That’s big”, the inaugural film of our new series of original shorts bringing together celebrated film-makers with Vogue’s inimitable style. Directed by influential directing collective CANADA, with a nod to French new-wave cinema and Sixties science fiction, Ewers interacts with a series of selves all roaming the Barcelona cityscape. Think Barbarella wearing Gucci, then multiplied.

Director : CANADA @lawebdecanada
Screenplay : na
Photographie Director : Daniel Fernandez Abello @planbfreelance
Art Director : Laia Ateca
Music : 2020 by Suuns @suunsband
Stylist : Francesca Burns @franburnslondon
Makeup : Janeen Witherspoon @JANEENWC
Hair : Rudi Lewis
Model : Anna Ewers @AnnaEwers


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