#FashionPortFolio @joansmalls @IamMariaBorges in Fight Fire With Fire by Steven Klein @SKstudly for V @VMagazine Spring 2015

Fight Fire With Fire – V Magazine @VMagazine 2015
Photographer : Steven Klein @SKstudly
Creative Director : na
Art Director : Jesse Kaufmann @MesseKauf , Stefan Beckman
Stylist : Arianne Phillips @ariannephillips
Hair : Shon @hyungsunju
Makeup : Kabuki @KabukimagicNYC
Model : Joan Smalls @joansmalls,  Ajak Deng @IMGmodels, Maria Borges @IamMariaBorges,  Riley Montana @NewYorkModels

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A collaboration between @riverisland x @JPBraganza, directing by @dveinbcn, has resulted in a futuristic #FashionFilm

River Island x Jean-Pierre Braganza

Inspired by the prints of Jean-Pierre Braganza’s capsule collection for River Island, the film is a trip in which we will get to know the geography of its landscapes and the creatures that live in it.

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5 Uppermosts #ArtPieces in 2014 ft. @novastructura, Maud Vantours, Michel Lamoller, Paweł Fabjański, @champdumonde

Here are some creative projects that inspire me in 2014. You can see other projects on my Pinterest or on my #GoodToKnow.


Stone Field 00, 2014
Giuseppe Randazzo

Italian designer Giuseppe Randazzo of Novastructura just finished his series “Stone Fields” : sculptures created digitally and made thanks to 3D printing. Produced by Shapeways, these 3D sculptures in polyamide gather little stones painted in grey and placed in order to show patterns and graduation in a circular shape. via fubiz.net

Stone Field 00, 2014 @novastructura



Untitled, 2014
Maud Vantours

French artist Maud Vantours plays with paper, colors and collages by realizing paper works in 3D. Her circular and geometric shapes have an effect of depth, her floral patterns give an impression of relief and her spirals look hypnotizing. via fubiz.net





Layerscapes, 2014 
Michel Lamoller

Berlin-based artist Michel Lamoller works with photography and tries to overcome the classic codes to compose sculptural and experimental works. Photographic manipulations united under the name of the series Tautochronos and playing with our perception to discover. via fubiz.net

Layerscapes, 2014 Michel Lamoller




Error Issue, 2014 
Paweł Fabjański

Tricky surrealism of Paweł Fabjański photography is an inside joke for a neat show biz. Fabjański uncovers digital know-how, reveals what should be hidden and emphases the puzzling ERROR. Like an illusionist he creates a world of his own without rules of gravity and in contrary to standard expectations. ERROR breaks the scheme and creates the true magic of digital photography.

Error Issue, 2014 Paweł Fabjański

photo/concept: Paweł Fabjański | www.fabjanski.com
styling/concept: Anna Sikorska
hair/makeup: Kentaro Kondo
model: Klaudia / Wonder Models
model: Mateusz Sawicki / AMQ models
photographer’s assistant: Bartłomiej Sołtysiak, Filip Zwierzchowski
retouch: RunRun | www.runrun.pl




Ghostcube, 2014
Erik Åberg

The Ghostcube” is a fascinating locking system from wooden cubes that can be twisted, turned and folded to create shapes more complex reminiscent of origami. A unique creation, both complex and original, it is also an aesthetic work that will delight all lovers of origami and headache.