#ThrowbackFashion Raffia Dress designed by Alexander @WorldMcQueen in Paris, made in Italy, 2000

The Raffia Dress, 2000
Alexander McQueen, born 1969 – died 2010

#ThrowbackFashion Raffia Dress designed by Alexander McQueen in Paris, made in Italy, 2000-2011EN2410_jpg_l

Asymmetrical dress made of black and white “tweed-woven” rayon. The bodice is off the shoulders and sleeveless. The waist is gathered on an elastic band. The skirt flares on one side only and is longer and pointed at the back.

#ThrowbackFashion Raffia Dress designed by Alexander McQueen in Paris, made in Italy, 2000-2011EN2372_jpg_l

Length: 130 cm, Width: 89 cm

also called the “Raffia Dress”

Historical significance: An interpretation of Balenciaga‘s geometrical cut. Interesting new version of British traditional tweed. This dress is also called the “Raffia Dress” because of the physical aspect of the fabric.

#ThrowbackFashion Raffia Dress designed by Alexander McQueen in Paris, made in Italy, 2000-2011EN2373_jpg_l

By deconstructing the dress’s traditional silhouette Alexander McQueen challenges tradition. Here McQueen employs a sculptural shape that while exquisitely constructed, emphasises a disconcerting asymmetry. Thus in McQueen’s hands the dress has moved well beyond a conventional interpretation of a wardrobe staple. McQueen graduated from Central St. Martin’s School of Art in 1992, before launching his own label in 1994. He has developed a reputation for imaginative, bold design, which is combined with an in-depth knowledge of tailoring, owing to the training he received at the Savile Row tailor Anderson & Sheppard.

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