5 Uppermosts #DesignProjects in 2014 ft. @3dotscollective @duffylondon @OvergaardDyrman @Frank_Tjepkema, Piotr Zuraw

Here are some creative projects that inspire me in 2014. You can see other projects on my Pinterest or on my #GoodToKnow.

Pot Purri, 2014 
Anabella Vivas, Miguelangel Troccoli, Vanessa Redondo

POT.PURRI, 2014 Anabella Vivas, Miguelangel Troccoli, Vanessa Redondo

POT.PURRI is a mixture or collection of miscellaneous or diverse items. A combination of incongruous things.


It is a collection of small, modular containers, designed with some basic parts that through various materials and combinations can construct more than 50 unique objects with different shapes and capacities, from lamps to tableware.
Inspired by the ambition of ‘cutting distance’ between design and material and ‘fluctuating shapes’ as our expression of contemporary deisgn, the project is cultivated around the concept of modularity and the customization. via contemporist.com



Abyss Table, 2014 
Christopher Duffy

Abyss Table, 2014 Christopher Duffy

With multiple layers of stacked glass and wooden slices, Duffy London has built ‘the abyss table’, replicating the dramatic depths of an indigo ocean. the design creates a geological cross-section of the sea, completing the table as a 3-dimensional model of a geological map. ‘I was looking into sheets of thick glass at my glass manufacturer’s factory, and noticed how the material darkened as they added more layers – the same way the sea does as it deepens.’


Designer Christopher Duffy describes ‘I wanted to use this effect to replicate a real piece of the earth’s sea bed. like a mythical power had lifted a perfect rectangle straight from the earth’s crust to use as his personal ornament.‘ traditional to the design studio’s aesthetic, the furniture piece acts as both a conversation piece as much as it does a functional one. via designboom.com



Wire Love Chair, 2014 
Jasper Overgaard, Christian Dyrman

Wire Love Chair, 2014 Jasper Overgaard, Christian Dyrman

Merging traditional craft techniques with modern technology, danish design brand Overgaard & Dyrman has created ‘The Wire Collection’. Based on saddlery and metal work, the series includes a dining chair, lounge chair, love chair and a coffee table. Challenging a sense of synergy and contrast in the use of materials, a balance is found between functionality, ergonomics and manufacturing.


All made within a workshop just outside of copenhagen, the ‘Wire Collection’ comes in a black coated steel frame or in a clear coated brushed one. The upholstery front is made from a soft 2mm vegetable tanned leather with the back uses a 3,5 mm full-grain leather. via designboom.com



Uiliuili Bench, 2014 
Piotr Zuraw

Uiliuili Bench, 2014 Piotr Zuraw

Uiliuili bench, designed by the architect Piotr Zuraw, is a piece of city furniture of an intriguing aesthetic form. Its curious shape encourages unconventional behaviors – on the uiliuili bench users can sit, lie down, stretch, curl up, sit a bit higher, climb, jump… Possibilities are endless, and new ones will surely be discovered by the users according to their own preferences and creativity. via contemporist.com


Openwork construction of uiliuili made of steel and beech wood, 10 meters long and 3 meters wide, has been designed according to ergonomic principles, and the wooden seat is pleasant and warm to the touch. The bench is situated on Grunwaldzki Campus, at the main entrance to the University Library on Fryderyk Joliot-Curie street. Set in the space of the minimalist Library building, it attracts attention but does not dominate. Where does the name come from? The order of letters in “uiliuili” word resembles the undulating shape of the bench.



Bronze Age, 2014 
Frank Tjepkema

Bronze Age, 2014 Frank Tjepkema

“As a reaction to the unstoppable digitalisation and virtualisation of all our basic needs, all the way to love and friendship, I feel an urge to produce work that is antagonistic to this trend.’ Says Frank Tjepkema, lead designer and founder of dutch studio Tjep. Set within the historic and ornately decorated ballroom of the colloredo mansfeld palace in prague, Tjep. Presents the bronze age collection for Designblok Prague 2014, with designboom in attendance. The series embodies both sculptural and utilitarian principles: stability, strength, durability and sustainability, in that it can be melted and reused. each sensually formed piece is a manually intensive work, formed from the very material that represents the dawn of civilization: bronze. via designboom.com


The collection refers to notions of human-caused disasters and contemporary social issues, such as climate change or a nuclear catastrophe. the sculptural result of these connotations bear a clean and simplistic aesthetic that is simultaneously visually minimalistic and physically strong. Undulating drips and collected pockets of hardened molten matter form the leg of a chair, for example, or the sweeping arch of a chaise lounge.

#GoodToKnow: April 2014 ft. @GrimshawArch @akaFrancesco @LouisVuitton @GuillaumeTwitts @LanganFilms @Grey_Brasil

Here are some creative projects that inspire me in April 2014. You can see other projects on my Pinterest or on my #GoodToKnow.

Good to Know-April 2014

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