#ThrowbackFashion @LEVIS Ad by Ida van Bladel 1973

Levi’s, 1973
Ida van Bladel born 1931

#ThrowbackFashion Levi Ad by Ida van Bladel 1973

This is a poster for jeans made by Levi-Strauss Europe. This poster succinctly advertises the skin-tight fit of Levi jeans by use of colour photography and the Levi logo. The choice of imagery also reflects the ‘sexual liberation’ of the late 1960s and early 1970s. At this period, denim jeans and nudity were synonymous with youth and rebellion.

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Design vs Fashion : Expanded Structure

Hoon Roh Michael Schmidt Francis Bitonti

Rami Stool, 2013
Il Hoon Roh www.ilhoon.com
via contemporist.com


Dita’s Gown, 2013
Michael Schmidt, Francis Bitonti www.michaelschmid…
via francisbitonti.com

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