5 Uppermosts #Architectures in 2014 ft. @matsushimaJP, MDS, Tamás Dobrosi, Yukio Hashimoto, Pierre Antoine Compain

Here are some creative projects that inspire me in 2014. You can see other projects on my Pinterest or on my #GoodToKnow.


Le Mistral – Tokyo, Japan 2014
Matsushima JP

Designed by japanese practice JP Architects, this tokyo-based gift shop selling european sundries is defined by its white gridded pattern that delineates the store’s shelving units, furniture and door frames. The base color of ‘le mistral’ is navy blue, the signature tone of the company that also provides a stark and refined backdrop. At the center of the volume, products can be placed on a table that features markings designed to accommodate each size of display tray. The nature of the plan means that items can be presented in a variety of formats, with the possibility to rearrange the objects daily. via designboom.com

Le Mistral - Tokyo, Japan 2014 Matsushima JP




Shirokane House – Tokyo, Japan 2014
Kiyotoshi Mori, Natsuko Kawamura

Kiyotoshi Mori and Natsuko Kawamura of Tokyo-based MDS wanted Shirokane House to make the most of its small site, so they designed a three-storey volume that angles outwards and upwards to create extra space and bring in more light. via dezeen.com

Shirokane House - Tokyo, Japan 2014 Kiyotoshi Mori, Natsuko Kawamura

“There are basic requirements for a house, where people live, such as privacy protection and ample daylight and ventilation,” they said. “It, however, takes a little ingenuity to satisfy such requirements under a given condition that a site is surrounded by the neighbouring buildings.”




Pancho Arena – Hungary, 2014
Tamás Dobrosi

The first building of the complex to be finished was the dormitory. Centered on the reconstruction of a former noble residence, the work was based on plans by Imre Makovecz, the central figure of Hungarian organic architecture. This was followed by the inauguration of the professional and medical center and later the canteen of the Academy, executed by the Master’s disciple at the itinerant school, . via archdaily.com

Pancho Arena - Hungary, 2014 Tamás Dobrosi

The idea of a roofed arena was born after the successful construction of approximately 8 grass and arti-ficial practice pitches. Daring to dream even bigger, the management of the Academy decided to build a UEFA category III football stadium suitable for hosting Hungarian league matches and junior tournaments as well as any kind of international competition up to the second qualifying round of the Europa League and the Champions League.


As opposed to the gigantic complexes preferred in the first half of the last century, some of which were capable of hosting more than a hundred thousand enthusiasts, current trends point towards smaller, but more efficient and complex recreation facilities.



F-House -Kyoto, Japan, 2014
Yukio Hashimoto

The front wall of this small white house in Japan appears to have been folded down like the corner of a piece of paper. Designed by Japanese architect Yukio Hashimoto, F-House is a two-storey residence in Gion, a part of Kyoto best known as an exclusive geisha district. Hashimoto gave the building a folded corner to evoke an association with the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. via dezeen.com

F-House -Kyoto, Japan, 2014 Yukio Hashimoto

“Like pure white paper, this building’s facade has a small crease which brings forth images of origami,” said Hashimoto. “The simple fold is intended to provide buoyance to the simple wall surface which would otherwise seem closed and weighty.”




White House – La Rochelle, France, 2014
Pierre Antoine Compain

As part of the renovation of a residential townhouse, this project aims to create a flow diagram, both singular and practice.
For this, four levels are built around a central axis, it corresponds to a vertical greenhouse full height.
Corridors around the heart, the image of devices balconies, and views on all areas.
By this bias architecture, the deregulation of space allows its occupants to enjoy open on 4 levels circulation, and get a panoramic view, on both a horizontal and vertical axis. via contemporist.com

White House - La Rochelle, France, 2014 Pierre Antoine Compain



#MondayAd from Korea by Daehong Communications Inc: ium: EX Market sells off gifts from your Exes

ium: EX Market

IUM is a leading brand in Social Dating Service industry in Korea. IUM has been researching love relationships and discovered an interesting fact. According to research, most of the respondents answered that they kept them for no reason, however they do not use them either. This meant people who had broken up were stuck with their past.

Ex-Market sells off Gifts from Exes. IUM planned Ex-Market where people can get rid of old memories by selling off gifts from Exes to others. Sellers wrote down prices and their stories on tags, and hung the products with red thread, a representative of past relationships.
When the shoppers appeared, sellers cut the thread and sold the products off. And then, sellers were completely able to break off relations with the past. At the end, they had a special ceremony. People burnt the letters and pictures that still remained. The tags were used as tickets for the exclusive club party.

Ex-Market offered a new cultural trend to the broken up lovers. People who broke up were able to completely break off relationship with the past. And they had second chances to start new relationships. Ex-Market became a big issue on online media. Of course, IUM’s users increased dramatically.

Director: Simon Lee, Yoonsoo Jo
Creative Director: Sunmi Park
Art Director: Gunwoong Choi, Wongi Ryu, Jihyun Im
Copywriter: Ahram Shin, Kyungeun Jung, Soyeon Lee

Client: IUM
Agency: DAEHONG Communications Inc
Country: Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

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#GoodToKnow: June 2014 ft. @Shxpir @Vmagazine @hm @JonasFrancois @Artplan

Here are some creative projects that inspire me in June 2014. You can see other projects on my Pinterest or on my #GoodToKnow.

Good to Know-june-2014

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