5 Uppermosts #MusicVideos in 2014 ft. @IMONSTERBAND @divisionparis @boggieofficial @digitalismMusic @metronomy

Here are some creative projects that inspire me in 2014. You can see other projects on my Pinterest or on my #GoodToKnow.


 I Monster – Heaven
Cesar Martinez


Jack White – Lazaretto
Jonas & Francois

Directors Jonas & Francois, from Division Paris, have directed the new music video of Jack White for his song “Lazaretto”, from his new album. In black and white, we see the singer behind a glass which breaks constantly, forming beautiful fragments in the composition of the image.


Boggie – Nouveau Parfum, 2014
Nándor Lőrincz, Bálint Nagy

Director of photography: Bálint Nagy, Dániel Szőke
Tom Tom Records 2013 tomtom.hu

Production manager: Zoltán Pálmai
Focus puller: Attila Kovács “Cica”
Smink/make-up artist: Ricsi Fazekas
Make-up assistant: Eszter Galambos
Hairdresser: Bálint Almássy
Post production: Studiolamb studiolamb.hu
Chief VFX artist: Balázs Sánta
VFX artists: András Bodor, Ákos Kiss, Marcell Andristyák, Kálmán Dulity
Supervisor: Zoltán Várfoki “Zoulu”


Digitalism ft. Youngblood Hawke – Wolves, 2014
Nelson de Castro

Director Nelson de Castro is the author of the latest clip of the band Digitalism for their song “Wolves”. The camera plays with a splice in the eye of a character that we find in different scenes and decors each time.

Producer: Sarah Lawson
Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde for Doomsday Entertainment
Independent Rep: OB Management
Director of Photography: Dan Chen
Editor: Carlos Lopez Estrada
Commissioner: Benedict Cooper
VFX: Roboshobo, Alexander Gao
Camera Assistant: Dan Marino, Naveen Chaubal
Color: Nick Sanders @ The Mill
Stylist: Cici Hoggard
Hair & Make-up: Joanne Adolfo
Production: Travis Cultreri, Ashley Cook, Aaron Trujillo
Starring: Michael Coursey, Nichole Bloom, Carlos Lopez Estrada, Zora Ellis
Featuring: Susan Cernas, Josselyn O’Neill, Deesil, Jacqueline Besson, Kacey Leggio, Marissa Shacket, Sam Krumrine, Jessica Bailey, Ryan Winston


Metronomy – Month Of Sundays
Callum Cooper

The latest music video Metronomy for their song “Month of Sundays” from their new album “Love Letters”. Produced by GOOD EGG and directed by Callum Cooper, the clip shows a travelling camera making us giddy and crossing concrete buildings and green spaces, from the air.

Producer – Joshua Smith
Line Producer – Rupert Savage
Camera Assistants – Chris Vickers and Charles Vallance
Grade – Lewis Crossfield
Grade Producer- Arianna Maniscalco at ETC electrictheatre.tv
Sculptural Fabrication: TOR Fabrication, London
Thanks to – Matt Moult and Jack Hunter
Executive Producers – Juila Reed and John Hassay
Production Company – GOOD EGG goodegghq.com

#ThrowbackFashion Kiss of death, black satin bonnet with pheasant feathers, designed by Jo Gordan, Britain, 1994

Kiss of Death – Bonnet, 1994 
Jo Gordan, born 1967

#ThrowbackFashion Kiss of death, black satin bonnet with pheasant feathers, designed by Jo Gordan, Britain, 1994-2008BU3447_jpg_l

Jo Gordon has taken the traditional structure of a poke bonnet to extremes. The long, menacing feathers project forward over two feet in a tunnel-like brim, which almost obscures the face. Gordon initially trained as a fine artist, studying sculpture at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen. She then undertook a two-year millinery course at the Royal College of Art. After 1995 Gordon branched out into knitwear, an area in which she continues to specialise and experiment.

#ThrowbackFashion Kiss of death, black satin bonnet with pheasant feathers, designed by Jo Gordan, Britain, 1994-2008BU3474_jpg_l

Height: 170 mm, Width: 240 mm, Depth: 700 mm

#ThrowbackFashion Kiss of death, black satin bonnet with pheasant feathers, designed by Jo Gordan, Britain, 1994-2006BC8675_jpg_l

Here are some creative projects that inspire me in Victoria and Albert Museum Archive. You can see other projects on my Pinterest or on my #ThrowbackFashion.

#MondayAd from France : @Tippex_bic: The Social Book by @BUZZMAN_TIME #TheSocialBookByPharrell #tippex

This year, Tipp-Ex, N°1 correction brand in Europe,Bic and Pharrell Williams go together to make history by creating the first participatory book instantly translated into 5 languages. A real technological feat imagined by Buzzman agency for aworld first!


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#MondayAd from USA : @Always: #LikeAGirl

Using #LikeAGirl as an insult is a hard knock against any adolescent girl. And since the rest of puberty’s really no picnic either, it’s easy to see what a huge impact it can have on a girl’s self-confidence.

MondayAd-Always- #LikeAGir

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#FashionWeek Top 3 Womenswear Fall 2014 Moscow @MBFWR ft. Vassa & Co, @EsterAbner, @Pirosmani_by_JM

Here are some collections that inspire me in Fall 2014 / Moscow. You can see other collections on my Pinterest or on my #FashionWeek

Moscow-fashionweek-fall-2014-ready-to-wear-Vassa & Co-Ester Abner-Pirosmani by Jenya Malygina

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#MondayAd : @EvianWater: The Amazing Baby & Me 2

Evian: The Amazing Baby & Me 2
Director: Tomas Skoging
Creative Director: Rémi Babinet, Filip Nilsson


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#ArtMTL @YLgallery + @MASSIVart présentent 25 tirages grands formats et des Polaroids d’Helmut Newton

Mercredi le 20, la Galerie d’art Yves Laroche, en collaboration avec MassivArt, vous présentent The Recollection, une collection unique de photos d’Helmut Newton.


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#MondayAd : @SkodaWeb Octavia vRS: Not Your Everyday Family Car Ad


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A, X, V, H or O, Do you know your alphabet body shape?

By Marilou Cormier Béïque (la version française suit)
Every woman has her own shape; do you know which one is yours? The most important thing to know about your body is which part to highlight. Whether you have curvy hips, broad shoulders or that your body is svelte, you have to balance your shape to be as beautiful as you can be. There are six main morphologies that best describe the human body. You can either be an A, X, V, H or O. These body structures can also be known as: the pyramid (A), the hourglass (X), the inverted pyramid (V), the rectangle (H) and the round (O). Together, we’ll discover the perfect ways to be a beautiful woman even if you do not respond to a fashion magazine’s front-page criteria.


Chaque femme a sa silhouette, mais la connaissez-vous? Le plus important à savoir de sa silhouette, c’est comment la mettre en évidence! Que vous ayez des courbes aux hanches ou que ce soit vos épaules qui dominent, ou tout simplement que votre corps soit svelte, il faut équilibrer votre silhouette afin de vous rendre encore plus belle que vous l’êtes déjà! Il y a six principales morphologies qui peuvent décrire votre corps. Vous pouvez soit être un A, X, V, H ou O. Vous pouvez aussi l’entendre sous ces noms : la pyramide, le sablier, la pyramide inversée, le rectangle et le rond. Allons découvrir ensemble comment être une femme splendide, et ce, même si vous ne correspondez pas aux critères d’une couverture de magazine de mode.

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